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Jewish law dictates that parents are directly responsible for their children’s education. Schools serve as your agent and via the principle of שלוחו של אדם כמותו - an agent’s action is the equivalent of your own - you fulfill your obligation. It is imperative that you and your agent, the school, be of one mindset.     

We are convinced that Torah Academy’s efforts in promoting a commitment to Torah study, striving for academic excellence in all areas of study, and fostering a bond with Medinat Yisrael are in harmony with your family’s values and aspirations. The students, faculty, and members of the administration are available to address your questions and to demonstrate to you why Torah Academy is, indeed, the best choice for your son. 

To help you through this process we offer several programs designed to demonstrate TABC's strengths. The process typically begins at our Open House followed by informal parlor meetings in many communities where parents meet in smaller groups with our Rosh HaYeshiva, faculty and students. Visitation days where students sit in on actual classes are a wonderful way to experience a day in the life of TABC. The final component of the admissions process is an interview with Rabbi Adler and a member of our admissions team.