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Message from the Rosh Yeshiva

Horim Yikarim,

I hope you are well and had a refreshing summer. It is the time of year to engage in zichronot, reflections of the past year. We welcomed a record enrollment of 95 freshmen and an overall record population of 315 students. In addition to the first-class instruction that continues to engage our students both in secular and Judaic disciplines, we celebrated a number of achievements in a wide array of venues. In the New York-New Jersey Math League we finished third in the state and first among all yeshiva high schools in the metropolitan area. Our Mock Beth Din won the championship for the third consecutive year and our Mock Trial team made it to the county finals. The Varsity Hockey and JV Soccer teams both proudly captured the yeshiva high school league championships. Our History Bowl team finished 3rd in the state. We are particularly proud that our graduates were accepted to Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, High Honors program of Yeshiva University and many other fine colleges and universities. In keeping with years past, we are also so pleased that the overwhelming majority of our graduates will be learning in Medinat Yisrael next year, with our largest groups of boys attending Gush, Sha’alvim, HaKotel, Torat Shraga, Netiv Aryeh, and Mevaseret, among many other fine yeshivot.

One of the most meaningful highlights of the year for me is the number of students who participated in the extra learning programs offered by TABC. Whether it is our afternoon Tzurbah D'Rabbanan program which will grow to include Juniors this coming year, along with Freshmen and Sophomores, our nightly night Seder, the monthly late night learning programs till midnight, the pre-Purim shabbaton, the Tikkun Leil Shavuot, the Tanach Kollel and post finals and summer shiurim, they all demonstrated our students' sincere desire to learn and their commitment to Talmud Torah. Nothing can make me any prouder.

As we look forward to 5777, we hope to be uplifted by the creativity and devotion of our new head of school, Rabbi Asher Yablok, who brings a wealth of experience and a fresh eye to our yeshiva which B’Ezrat Hashem will bring it to even greater heights.

Beyedidut rabba,

Yosef Adler