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The Development Committee is responsible for fundraising efforts, solicitation of gifts and coordinating with Events Committee to focus joint effort.  We are broadening this group and welcome new faces.

 Contact Sharon Rifkind for additional information 


Capital Campaign / Parents / Grandparents / Alumni / Community /  Business Solicitations / Donor Stewardship / Annual Dinner Campaign


The Grants Committee identifies appropriate grants for TABC to apply for and coordinates with our Director of Development to properly complete and follow up with applications.  
Chair:  Howard Friedman


Events include our Annual Dinner, Scholarship Breakfast, among others.

Annual Dinner = January 2015 / Scholarship Breakfast = May 2015


The Security Committee is focused on all issues involving the safety and security of TABC students and the TABC building.  Significant progress on Security was initiated over the summer and further improvements to come.

Co-chairs are Ken Wagner, Freeda Muller


Communications committee is responsible for coordinating and advising the TABC administration and Board regarding all efforts to publicize the many great events, activities and accomplishments at TABC.  
Chair is Mark Zomick and other members include Suzy Schwartz, Elie Rosenfeld, Mayer Fertig


The Recruitment Committee works with the Admissions Department and Recruitment team, serving as ambassadors on behalf of TABC and assisting with the compilation of open house and other recruitment materials, preparing for and volunteering at the open house and subsequent recruitment meetings and making phone calls throughout the recruiting season to prospective parents.

Chairs are Elizabeth Naor and Nomi Rotblatt.

House and Facilities

Volunteers work with the Executive Director and senior staff to oversee building maintenance, space usage, design and furniture projects as well as long and short term rental agreements.

Chairs are Alisa Levy and Murray Schneier

Human Resources / Legal

This committee addresses various legal issues which arise and assists the administration in understanding the various laws it is required to comply with.  
Under leadership of Chaim Book.



Chairs: Chaim Fromowitz and Glenn Tolchin




Chair:  Mr. Allen Sragow


Help TAPA ( Torah Academy Parents Association) make your children's high school experience even more enjoyable by joining TAPA and getting involved.  Click here to volunteer.

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Contact Debbie Hyman or Esty Shafar with any questions.  





 For more information on Board Committees - please contact Rebecca Kurz