• “In TABC there is never a boring day. There could be anything from a scavenger hunt throughout the building, to a spontaneous Purim chagigah; but one thing is certain, the students and faculty of TABC are never bored.”

    Judah Samuel ('18)

  • “In TABC there is never a boring day. There could be anything from a scavenger hunt throughout the building, to a spontaneous Purim chagigah; but one thing is certain, the students and faculty of TABC are never bored.”

    Judah Samuel ('18)

  • “One of my favorite things about TABC is the trips. Whether It’s rafting, a shabbaton, Six Flags, or paintball there is always something to do; and in the rare case that someone doesn’t like the trip there is always another option.”

    Eitan Leff ('18)

  • “Besides the learning, the sports here at TABC play a major role. Even if you’re not on a team it is still fun to join the dozens of fans at every game. GO STORM!”

    Matthew Ganchrow ('19)

  • “Class in TABC is something I constantly look forward to. Every teacher has their own way of making the lesson fun and interesting.”

    Avi Roth ('18)

  • “While in most schools people are friends with those in their own grade, at TABC I have people to hang out with from every grade. When I walk in to the gym there are freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors asking me to join their game.”

    Noah Miller ('19)

  • “The learning here at TABC can’t be compared to anywhere else. Whether it’s by myself, with a chavrusa, or with a Rebbe the knowledge and skills that I amass and develop will stick with me forever. TABC has provided for me the base of Torah-knowledge on which I can build for the rest of my life.”

    Avi Finkelstein ('16)

  • “One of my favorite chesed activities in TABC Is the Midnight Run where TABC students go to Manhattan to deliver food and clothing to the homeless. It is a moving experience for both sides.”

    Zev Jarashow ('16)

  • “My first day in TABC, I was getting nervous. Would I have friends? Would I be welcomed? That feeling was quickly lost as I walked towards the front door; Rebbeim and friends were there to greet me.”

    Noam MIller ('19)

News at Torah Academy


    Posted May 23, 2016

    The varsity softball team joined coaches Tzvika Poleyeff '12 and Mr. P for a softball shabbaton this past shabbat. Captains Sam Eisenstadter, Daniel Levy and Gavi Smith delivered divrei Torah. A fun, meaningful time was had by all.


    Posted May 23, 2016

    The TABC Track team headed to Frisch on May 15 for their final track meet of the season. The TABC team was undefeated going onto the meet so the Storm brought their full force to end off the season strong. Jonah Ganchrow '16, Eitan Schneier '16, Shalom Gottesman '16, Moshe Schachter '18, and Zachary Greenberg '16, all came in first place in their respective races. Moshe Stewart '16, Zev Jarashow '16, Yaakov Wieder '18, Yehuda Fuksbrumer '16, and Gabe Greenberg '19 came in 2nd place and Ari Lowy '17, Donny Rozenberg '16, Yosef Marom '19, Zachary Orenshein '16, and Netanel Arussy '16 all came in 3rd place. After TABC crushed the competition, Coach Shmuel Knoller '13 gave an inspiring speech to the group which led to a cooler full of ice cold Gatorade being dumped on Shmuel's head as the team danced in celebration. The TABC Storm ended off the incredible season with a SPLASH!

  • TABC Tanach Kollel 2016

    Posted May 23, 2016

    TABC is excited to announce that it is conducting its 14th annual Tanach Kollel. This year current talmidim, alumni and incoming ninth graders are invited to delve into the mysteries of Sefer Daniel, one of the most fascinating sefarim in Tanach. Interactive chavruta and shiur will be led by Rabbi Jachter Wednesday June 15, Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17 beginning with Shacharit at 8 (breakfast served) and continuing until 12.

  • TABC's "Yiddish Farm"ers

    Posted May 23, 2016

    This week five TABC seniors, Moshe Stuart, Yosef Muller, Zachary Greenberg, Ovadia Esquenazi and Yossi Hein, went to work on the Yiddish Farm near Monroe New York. They learned how to plant food and take care of a farm. They even picked up a little Yiddish. It was a great experience for all of them.

  • Junior College Fair

    Posted May 23, 2016

    This past Thursday, the College Guidance Department held its annual Spring College Fair for juniors and their parents. The program began with brief presentations from all colleges in attendance and was followed by three round-robin sessions. This year's fair was attended by almost thirty colleges from as far north as Boston, as far south Maryland, as far east as Stony Brook and as far west as Chicago. The attendees even hailed from an international school in Israel. The schools that presented included: Princeton University, The Cooper Union, Binghamton University, Boston University, Brandeis University, Drexel University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, New York University, Stony Brook University (SUNY) City University of New York (The Macaulay Honors Program, Queens College, Baruch College, Hunter College, City College and the College of Staten Island), Rutgers University, Lander College for Men (Division of Touro College), University of Massachusetts Amherst, SUNY Albany, Yeshiva University, Bergen Community College and IDC Herzliya. The night was informative and helpful to students and parents as they research colleges.

  • Two TABC Students Published

    Posted May 23, 2016

    Two TABC students have recently had essays published in a college publication. The Hofstra University: Peter S. Kalikow Center for the Study of the American Presidency annually publishes a book of essays by students in AP high school classes for American History or Government. This year's topics revolved around the upcoming presidential election. Both Hillel Koslowe '17 of the AP American History class and Aaron Fishkind '16 of the Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics class had their essays published. The question they wrote about was: What does the popularity of presidential candidates who do not have previous political experience, or have recently entered politics, illustrate about the American public's interests and concerns today?

  • More on Yom Ha'Atzmaut in the Classroom

    Posted May 23, 2016

    In Rabbi Jachter's shiurim the focus on Yom HaAtzmaut was on Shir HaShirim, which teaches how Hashem relates to Am Yisrael. They noted that there are times of hester panim, where Hashem conceals His face, but times where Hashem reaches out to us - in the words of Shir HaShirim: "Kol dodi dofeik", the voice of my beloved knocks. They read Rav Soloveitchik's essay of that name, which explains how the military and political miracles involved in the rise of the State of Israel were on expression of 'kol dodi dofeik'. Additionally they discussed the military miracles of the war of Independence, as well as the miracle of the United Nations voting on November 29, 1947 to establish a Jewish State in part of Eretz Yisrael.

  • History Bowl Team Concludes Successful Season

    Posted May 23, 2016

    Over the course of a seven month season the TABC History Bowl and Bee Team competed against 33 different schools and eight teams from four states. The competition included public and private schools and a growing number of yeshiva high schools. Over the course of the season the team had four different full day competitions. With 30 teams competing at the first Bowl competition in November hosted by TABC, both our varsity and JV bowl teams made it into the playoffs and finished as finalists or semi-finalists. In the second tournament held in February in Queens, the JV team finished in second place. In the third tournament on Long Island, the varsity bowl team finished second while the JV team made it into the quarterfinals. By the end of the first three competitions, both of the school's teams had qualified for the National Tournament to be held in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, because the national tournament was played on Shabbos during Pesach our students were not able to attend. This past Sunday, the National History Bowl held a special tournament, the Lorenz Cup, for schools that could not attend in DC. In the special tournament, held at TABC, the Varsity team of Aaron Fishkind '16, Orrin Kigner '16 and Jeremy Rosenblatt '16 earned a third place finish.

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  • Honors Physics Students Study Electric Fields

    Posted May 23, 2016

    After hurricanes or early snowstorms we have experienced singularly disruptive and often protracted power outages due to downed power lines. This is often followed by a movement to bury the power lines. There is one serious drawback. Power lines produce electric fields. This interacts with the immediate environment bleeding off power. This power bleed-off is significantly greater for buried lines as compared with those suspended in the air. Here our students map out the electric field made by a 15000 volt Tesla coil. A digital multimeter is coupled to a solar panel to measure the light induced in a fluorescent bulb by the Tesla coil. Notice the lightning.

  • TABC's Shlomi Helfgot '18 Places First at National Chidon HaTanach

    Posted May 23, 2016

    TABC is incredibly proud of Shlomi Helfgot '18, who placed first in the Hebrew High School division at the Chidon HaTanach on Sunday! Shlomi competed against finalists from all across America and displayed a very impressive bekiut in Tanach. Shlomi will represent the US in the international Chidon in Israel next year! Mazal tov, Shlomi! Mazal tov also to Tani Greengart '18, who was a regional champion, which brought him to Sunday's National Competition as well!
    For more pictures, click here. To read two articles about this, click here and here.