• As a transfer student, I was welcomed warmly. All of my classmates treated me as if I had been there since Freshman year. I was able to connect with the teachers even though they knew my classmates longer."

    ~Jonathan Falk ('12)

  • When I entered TABC I was not confident enough to speak in front of a class of 30. By the time I graduated I was the student council president. Now I give tours and happily talk in front of large groups of random museum visitors."

    ~Anonymous ('09)

  • I made lifelong friends… the education I received prepared me for yeshiva and college and beyond… it was in those halls that I discovered many of the passions I have in life both personally and professionally.

    ~Anonymous ('02)

  • TABC gave me an appreciation for knowledge, in both secular and Judaic studies, and activated an aspiration to grow and learn more.

    ~Anonymous ('05)

  • I developed friends, teachers, and rebbeim for life.

    ~ Ari Rosen ('06)

  • TABC gave me confidence and leadership skills that I have used since leaving the school and becoming a college Hillel president. TABC taught and helped me to learn more about certain subjects of which I now know better than many people I know.

    ~ Joshua Rubin ('08)

  • It [TABC] turned me from an awkward 14 year-old to a confident 18 year-old ready to face the world.

    ~ Yoni Liss ('98)

  • It [TABC] helped me grow as a Jew. I became a better person because of TABC's chesed opportunities. I think a big role of my growth in TABC had to be the interest the faculty put in me and each and every student.

    ~ Anonymous ('09)

  • It [TABC] showed me that when life gets tough, you have your family there to back you up and I felt that TABC was that family all 4 years of high school.

    ~ Anonymous ('10)

  • TABC created a nurturing and supportive environment that enabled me to foster my critical thinking skills and personal development, laying the groundwork that allowed me to excel in my studies throughout competitive undergraduate and graduate schools.

    ~ Anonymous ('01)

  • After nearly 15 years, most of my closest friends are the ones I made in High School. I still have a good relationship with several of the rabbeim.

    ~ Chaim Sussman ('97)

  • The class of '04 is a fantastic group of people. I established connections with my classmates that remain some of my strongest personal connections to this day. I should also point out that my Rabbeim and Teachers were some of the most caring and brightest people in the business, and I still speak to many of them on a regular basis.

    ~ Avi Eserner ('04)

  • It [TABC] definitely opened my eyes towards what it means to be a religious Jew, one who values Torah, the community, and Eretz Yisrael. The school is a very family-oriented place, very inclusive, and helped me forge friendships I will have forever.

    ~ Eitan Rapps ('06)

  • The focus, in both religious as well as secular classes, on Orthodox values gave me a greater appreciation for them. Most importantly, I developed a sense of being able to view all areas of life (secular and non-secular) through a religious, Orthodox prism - a sense that everything I do can be an expression of Avodat Hashem.

    ~ Dani Shaffren ('04)

News at Torah Academy

  • Mazal tov!

    Posted May 11, 2015

    Mazal tov to TABC freshman Shlomi Helfgot who placed third in the Hebrew high school division of the Chidon HaTanach National Finals! The Chidon HaTanach, sponsored by The Jewish Agency for Israel, tests the students' knowledge of Biblical stories and passages. The top scorers from preliminary tests compete in the national finals that are held in New York. Approximately 250-300 students take the preliminary exams and about 125 participate in the New York finals.

    Mazal tov to seniors Josh Birbach (1st place) andJoey Spierer (2nd place) and to junior Yehudah Fuksbrummer (1st in the junior category) who won the Siegelbaum Art Competition sponsored by the Holocaust Museum & Study Center. Mazal tov to seniorEhud Adler, who won 2nd place in the Art category and to seniors Ben Book and Chanan Klapper who earned honorable mention in the DVD category for "We weren't Born this Way." Special thanks to Mrs. Reichardt for coordinating our entry in the competition.

  • Alumni Program in NYC

    Posted May 11, 2015

    This week, Aaron Safier '01 hosted a group of alumni at his office in midtown for the second of our Alumni Lunch & Learn programs this year. Rabbi Adler captivated the group with his lively and thought-provoking shiur on the Centrality of Yerushalayim in Halacha and Hashkafa. It was a great opportunity for alumni to connect with each other and keep up their connection with TABC.

  • Torah U'Mada in Action at TABC

    Posted May 11, 2015

    Mrs. Hirsch's 9V1 History class just finished their study of the Rise of Christianity. Mrs. Hirsch invited Rabbi Jachter in to discuss various questions on issues of theology, philosophy and Jewish practice that arose during their studies. Rabbi Jachter addressed those questions with his usual aplomb and attentiveness. The far-reaching message of the lecture was for each of us to have respect for others, and that all faith based peoples share a common understanding of what it means to be G-d fearing and the impact it has on one's life.

  • Varsity Softball has a Great Win

    Posted May 11, 2015

    After a tough 6-3 loss in their first game against SAR, the TABC Varsity Bats came alive Friday afternoon in a 10-0 rout of JEC. Coach Rosner's softball team crushed JEC getting 11 hits and playing solid defense at every position. Ezra Zinberg led the way with 2 hits and dependable fielding, just as he had in the first game of the season. Gavi Smith and Sam Eisenstadter also contributed 2 hits apiece. The defense was anchored by Buddy Wise's "lights out" pitching, Solo Shulman's stellar play at shortstop and long ball hitting, as well as Doni Kilimnick's strong control behind the plate. The season continues with a doubleheader on Sunday against Hillel and Maor. Go Storm!

  • Sophomore Trip to Philly

    Posted May 11, 2015

    The annual sophomore trip to Philadelphia was very informative and exciting. After a tour of the Eastern State Penitentiary, sophomores enjoyed a fun Phillies game and a nice dinner at Valley Forge National Park. The trip also included a stop at an amusement center, a great scavenger hunt around downtown Philly and visits to popular Philly landmarks. No trip is complete without a great game of bubble soccer! Click here for full story.

  • Faculty Outing to NYC

    Posted May 11, 2015

    Thirteen members of the faculty went on their Lag B'Omer outing to the Neue Galerie in NYC to view "Gustav Klimt and Adele Bloch-Bauer: The Woman in Gold," an intimate exhibition devoted to the close relationship that existed between the artist and one of his key subjects and patrons. Included in the exhibition is a display of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, paintings, related drawings, vintage photographs, decorative arts and archival material. This trip was a follow up to the Yom HaShoa program when the entire student body and faculty saw a special screening of "Woman in Gold." Special thanks to Mrs. Nancy Edelman for sharing her passion for art as our docent.

  • Lag B'Omer

    Posted May 11, 2015

    Our students were treated to a wonderful selection of Lag B'Omer activities including sports at the park, bowling, a bike trip in the Poconos, paintball, ice hockey, hiking and white water rafting. It was hard to pick just one! But they did, and it was a great day. Thank you to Rabbi Raphi Mandelstam, Mrs. Silverman and all the faculty who chaperoned and participated in the program.

  • Alumni Lunch & Learn Next Week

    Posted May 4, 2015

    In our continuing efforts to keep connected to our alumni and provide a variety of programming to different age groups, Rabbi Adler will give a shiur next week at the office of alumnus Aaron Safier '01. Alumni and alumni parents are welcome.

  • Wiener Wednesday!

    Posted May 4, 2015

    The TABC Juniors have already started raising money for their senior trip with fundraisers like Wiener Wednesday.

  • 9th Grade Bio Studies Enzymes

    Posted May 4, 2015

    This week, students in Mrs. Goldenberg's 9th grade Biology class took an active role in understanding the function of enzymes in the digestive process. Students performed tests using indicators to determine if various enzymes had any effect on particular nutrients as time passed.