• As a transfer student, I was welcomed warmly. All of my classmates treated me as if I had been there since Freshman year. I was able to connect with the teachers even though they knew my classmates longer."

    ~Jonathan Falk ('12)

  • When I entered TABC I was not confident enough to speak in front of a class of 30. By the time I graduated I was the student council president. Now I give tours and happily talk in front of large groups of random museum visitors."

    ~Anonymous ('09)

  • I made lifelong friends… the education I received prepared me for yeshiva and college and beyond… it was in those halls that I discovered many of the passions I have in life both personally and professionally.

    ~Anonymous ('02)

  • TABC gave me an appreciation for knowledge, in both secular and Judaic studies, and activated an aspiration to grow and learn more.

    ~Anonymous ('05)

  • I developed friends, teachers, and rebbeim for life.

    ~ Ari Rosen ('06)

  • TABC gave me confidence and leadership skills that I have used since leaving the school and becoming a college Hillel president. TABC taught and helped me to learn more about certain subjects of which I now know better than many people I know.

    ~ Joshua Rubin ('08)

  • It [TABC] turned me from an awkward 14 year-old to a confident 18 year-old ready to face the world.

    ~ Yoni Liss ('98)

  • It [TABC] helped me grow as a Jew. I became a better person because of TABC's chesed opportunities. I think a big role of my growth in TABC had to be the interest the faculty put in me and each and every student.

    ~ Anonymous ('09)

  • It [TABC] showed me that when life gets tough, you have your family there to back you up and I felt that TABC was that family all 4 years of high school.

    ~ Anonymous ('10)

  • TABC created a nurturing and supportive environment that enabled me to foster my critical thinking skills and personal development, laying the groundwork that allowed me to excel in my studies throughout competitive undergraduate and graduate schools.

    ~ Anonymous ('01)

  • After nearly 15 years, most of my closest friends are the ones I made in High School. I still have a good relationship with several of the rabbeim.

    ~ Chaim Sussman ('97)

  • The class of '04 is a fantastic group of people. I established connections with my classmates that remain some of my strongest personal connections to this day. I should also point out that my Rabbeim and Teachers were some of the most caring and brightest people in the business, and I still speak to many of them on a regular basis.

    ~ Avi Eserner ('04)

  • It [TABC] definitely opened my eyes towards what it means to be a religious Jew, one who values Torah, the community, and Eretz Yisrael. The school is a very family-oriented place, very inclusive, and helped me forge friendships I will have forever.

    ~ Eitan Rapps ('06)

  • The focus, in both religious as well as secular classes, on Orthodox values gave me a greater appreciation for them. Most importantly, I developed a sense of being able to view all areas of life (secular and non-secular) through a religious, Orthodox prism - a sense that everything I do can be an expression of Avodat Hashem.

    ~ Dani Shaffren ('04)

News at Torah Academy

  • New Clubs at TABC

    Posted February 27, 2015

    We are proud to announce four exciting new clubs at TABC: TABC Technology Storm, Power Lifting Club,Hockey Intramurals and the Pre-Med Club. In addition the Drama Club begins a new season. Click here for all the details!

  • TAPA

    Posted February 27, 2015

    So much is going on with TAPA, thank you to those who are constantly reaching out and helping!! MATH-SCIENCE EXPO The Math-Science Expo was a great evening. Thank you to the following families who sponsored the collation with TAPA: Moishe and Rivka Weber in honor of Doni Weber Lisa & Moshe Benjamin Menachem and Chana Bazian Alisa & Jeffrey Kigner & Family
    ADULT EDUCATION After several snow days our Ulpan class is up and running. We meet every Monday from 1-2:20. If you are interested in joining please contact us, or sign uphere.

    Read More
  • Upcoming - Mark your Calendar

    Posted February 27, 2015

    Cheer on the STORM Varsity Hockey team in its semi-final game against DRS on Monday night. Game is at home and starts at 7:45pm. Purim is coming! All students and families are invited to TABC for a special night, beginning with Arvit and Megillah reading. Following Megillah reading, TAPA is providing a delicious break fast. Everyone is invited to stay for a lively chagigah, with music by Ta Shma, culminating with the always amazing senior Purim Shpiel.

    Read More
  • Israel Advocacy

    Posted February 27, 2015

    On Tuesday, the Israel Advocacy Club held an event, screening the film Beneath the Helmet: From High School to the Home Front. The film was an inspiring coming-of-age story focusing on several young men joining the Israeli Army, each from a very different background. Over a dozen students were in attendance, along with Rabbi and Rebbetzin Adler. What a night!

  • Athletics - 9th Grade Intramural Championship

    Posted February 27, 2015

    9th Grade Intramural Championship
    Before a raucous crowd of cheering fans, Dr. Mike Atlas's team defeated Rabbi Raphi Mandelstam's team 29-24. The winning team combined dead-eye outside shooting, strong rebounding, clutch foul shots and a tough defense to be crowned "9th Grade Intramural Champions". A great season was had by all six teams.

  • Athletics - JV Basketball

    Posted February 27, 2015

    JV Basketball played an impressive game against the undefeated Flatbush team this week. Down 12 with about three minutes left, and down 7 with one minute left, our team tied it up at the buzzer and forced the game into overtime. In overtime, Flatbush squeaked past us for the win.

  • Athletics - JV Basketball

    Posted February 27, 2015

    JV Basketball played an impressive game against the undefeated Flatbush team this week. Down 12 with about three minutes left, and down 7 with one minute left, our team tied it up at the buzzer and forced the game into overtime. In overtime, Flatbush squeaked past us for the win.

  • Athletics - Varsity Basketball

    Posted February 27, 2015

    The Varsity Basketball team faced a tough loss in the quarter-final game against North Shore with a final score of 57-46. The game, not withstanding the score, was close to the end. The team had a great season, showing a high level of skill and strength throughout. This was the first time in TABC's history that the varsity earned a bye in the first round of the playoffs due to their excellent record during the regular season.

  • Debate Team Victory

    Posted February 27, 2015

    This past Tuesday night, the Debate team traveled to SKA. The affirmative team of Meir Lightman and Jacob Rosenfeld and the negative team of Meir Barg and Ezra Zinberg did an excellent job debating the question of whether or not professional athletes should be held to a higher standard. The TABC Debate team won 3 out of their 4 matches.

  • College Guidance Update

    Posted February 27, 2015

    This has been a very busy month for the seniors and the College Guidance department. In addition to the many acceptances previously announced, over the past few weeks more students have received their college decision information. Our students have done very well with many accepted to Rutgers University and its various honors programs. Students have also received acceptances from many CUNY schools including Queens College, Brooklyn College, Baruch College and John Jay College. Last week for the first time we had a number of students accepted to the University of Illinois and also to SUNY Buffalo. In addition, many of our students continue to be accepted to Yeshiva University. Over the next few months we hope to announce many other schools to which our students have been accepted.