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Rabbi Ari Solomon

Ari Solomon '18 is a proud alumnus of TABC. "Rav Ari," as his students call him, attended Yeshivat Shaarei Mevaseret Tzion before graduating with a BA in Marketing from the Yeshiva Program at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is currently pursuing semicha through Yeshivas Chonen Daas. He helped found the Hisorerus HaLev Morning Kollel at Yeshivas Bais Mordechai in Teaneck, where he also gives shiurim to high school boys in the early morning. Rav Ari also oversees Kedushas Business, a weekly Torah newsletter distributed throughout the community. In addition to his teaching, Ari is a graphic and shoe designer specializing in professional sports. He works directly with thousands of professional athletes, teams, and brands on custom footwear. His designs have been featured on MLB Network, SNY, Fox Sports, and the Wall Street Journal. In fact, Ari has become known as the guy in professional sports with the black kippah on his head and tzitzis proudly and prominently displayed. He is also the head designer at ARIA Gloves and runs his own graphic design firm, Ari Solomon Design, as well as his own Judaica company, Lev Zahav Custom Art.