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Talmud Program - Tzurbah D'Rabbanan

Students who express an interest in joining this track will experience an intensive study of gemara with traditional shiur and guided chavruta learning in our Beit Midrash. This track will be allotted additional time for Talmud study daily and is open for any motivated student seeking an advanced gemara class, regardless of Judaic Studies class placement. The goal of this program is for the students to gain proficiency in the textual skills required to navigate the Talmud and its commentaries and to hone the analytical, abstract thinking skills required to fully appreciate the depth of Talmud. All exams administered will be oral where the students will be expected to read and discuss a section of the gemara. Distinguished Roshei Yeshiva from Yeshiva University and Israeli Yeshivot Hesder will be hosted occasionally and deliver shiurim on a wide variety of issues related to the gemara that they are studying.