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Torah Academy of Bergen County strives to instill within its students a love for Hashem, the study and practice of Torah and an appreciation for עם ישראל and מדינת ישראל while affording them an opportunity to excel in the study of the sciences and humanities, all within a uniquely nurturing environment that fosters a close and supportive relationship among students and faculty.  

The creation of the State of Israel is one of the seminal events in Jewish history. Recognizing the significance of the State and its national institutions, we seek to instill in our students an attachment to the State of Israel and its people as well as a sense of responsibility for their welfare.

At TABC, we nurture our students' discovery of what it means to not only learn Torah, but to live Torah as well.  This begins with our tefilah program and continues in our small classes, where students learn at their own level and benefit from warm and nurturing Rebbe-talmid relationships. Our holistic approach to Jewish education – including Gemara, Chumash, Navi and Halacha – is yet another crucial component of learning and living Torah.


TABC offers countless opportunities for our students to expand their learning beyond the classroom. Our popular parent-son learning, late night learning, voluntary night seder, Jewish studies electives program for all grades, Tikun LeilShavuot, Friday alumni learning and optional summer learning programs are examples of our vast array of innovative programs to inspire our talmidim.


Our results speak for themselves. Our graduates are the most sought-after students at Yeshivot in Israel, well respected in the communities in which they live, and shining examples of the future of our people.


So, yes, it is about learning Torah, but it is so much more.


"We feel that the most effective way to teach is to model. Our students not only learn about the beauty of a Torah way of life in the classroom, but they see us modeling as we interact with our talmidim in the school, on the courts , during the week and on weekends too, through our many Shabbatonim and countless visits to our homes.''

                  -Rabbi Ezra Wiener, Mashgiach Ruchani


TABC prides itself on providing a stellar Limudei Kodesh program combined with a rigorous and challenging general studies education. We have a first-rate faculty who are renowned in their fields; they are creative, innovative and keep current with contemporary trends in education. There are multiple tracks for each subject to keep our class sizes small and to differentiate for a variety of student levels and strengths. We offer stimulating and engaging AP courses and we take great pride in the awards we receive for Math League, History Bowl, Mock Trial and Science Olympiad, to name a few.


This year, two dozen colleges and universities will visit TABC. Our College Guidance Department works closely with each student to choose the right school for him. Our graduates go on to become leaders and excel in their chosen fields.


TABC is proud of our academics program, the relationships our students form with our top-notch faculty, our awards and accomplishments, and our success in enabling our students to become lifelong learners.


TABC is well-known for its warm and nurturing environment. This is by design – and we are quite proud to help our students establish lifelong friendships and connections during their teenage years that will strengthen over time. Our guidance team puts much care and thought into the best way to integrate each individual into the TABC environment. Our Freshman Advisory, Senior Mentor and Guidance programs work to ensure an atmosphere of warmth and inclusion.


At TABC we help facilitate lasting relationships by encouraging students to interact with their peers and the faculty outside of the classroom. Our co-curricular offerings are rich and diverse, with a full array of all-inclusive intramurals and championship-caliber TABC Storm sports teams. Our coaches are role models for our athletes, teaching them that the way one acts on the field is more important than how well one plays. Beyond sports, there are over 30 academic teams and clubs available to our students, ensuring that each student has an opportunity to get involved and to excel.




TABC is so much more than just a school ... it is also a vibrant community center. Our building hosts a local community Minyan, youth hockey league, Jewish Youth Encounter Program, the Sinai program, as well as countless other community-wide events and programs. We educate our students about their responsibility to give back to the community. Our students volunteer to help put up Sukkot, clean cars before Pesach, lead Shabbat groups and volunteer with Friendship Circle and Yachad. In past years, TABC faculty, together with our students, have participated in various disaster relief missions, most recently after Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.


Our students don't just hear about what they are supposed to do; they witness it every day. Our parents and faculty consistently model communal involvement, affiliating with a wide range of communal organizations and serving on the boards of a full array of schools and shuls in the vicinity.


At TABC we embrace the verse from the Tefillah of Aleinu: L'Taken Olam B'Malchut Shakai – to perfect the world in the sovereignty of Hashem. We take tremendous pride in turning young Jewish boys into responsible Jewish men who become leaders and contribute to the greater community.