WhatsApp Learning Opportunities

Parsha for Parents
Each week, a short audio d'var Torah will be posted by one of the TABC rebbeim via WhatsApp. In addition, each week, a short attachment highlighting the main points of the parsha and meaningful discussion topics for the Shabbos table will be shared! We are excited to see the energy and passion of the Torah taught at TABC spread beyond our walls and enter your homes. This program can certainly enhance the Shabbat experience for all members of the TABC family, and we hope that you enjoy! For all parents interested in joining the group, please click here.
TABC Community Torah
TABC Community Torah is a WhatsApp Group led by Rabbi Jachter. Each day, you can receive a minute of Halacha and a minute of Rashi on the Parsha from Rabbi Jachter. We are excited to see that there are over 120 participants already! You can join by clicking here.
Shnayim Mikrah Chaburah
Shnayim Mikra Chaburah is a daily recording by Rabbi Daniel Fridman of a 7-minute analysis of a daily aliyah, based on Targum Onkelos, Rashi, Ramban, and Chazal. Click here to join.
Rambam Chaburah
A 7-minute daily recording by Rabbi Daniel Fridman of a Halacha from Rambam through the Shulchan Aruch and commentaries. Study halacha daily from the greatest work of post-Chazal rabbinic literature ever written. Click here to join.
TABC Torah
TABC Torah features a daily 5-10 minute Halacha shiur from Rabbi Raphi Mandelstam. Questions and topic suggestions are strongly encouraged. You may join by clicking here.