TABC's science curriculum prepares our students for high level work once they reach college. Our students gain a deep understanding of and appreciation for the world around them through the in-depth study of physics, biology, chemistry and engineering.

Recognizing that the love of science ought to extend beyond the classroom, TABC enables its students to pursue their passion for science in myriad ways throughout the year: Our students participate in the Math-Science Expo, an in-house competition which requires all science honor students to submit papers or conduct research projects evaluated by our faculty. The top ten entries compete in the competition. Additionally, TABC's students' scientific acumen and creativity is on display each year at the Science Olympiad. This past year the team earned a 2nd place finish after competing against twelve of the local yeshivot. The competitions of the Olympiad involved a combination of lab work, construction, scientific writing, and engineering. TABC students also participate in Maker Expo, a forum of the I.D.E.A. Schools Network which combines creativity with hands-on learning.