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TABC’s English curriculum ensures that all students learn to read critically and thoughtfully, as well as write coherently and persuasively through multiple revisions. In each subsequent grade, students encounter more challenging works of literature, both fiction and non-fiction. They enter a text through questioning and identifying layers of detail that can be connected to previous texts, as well as to the world at large; acquire mastery of higher-level vocabulary by studying words in context and learn to incorporate successive stylistic techniques into their own writing. In the tenth grade, students participate in a focused writing workshop in addition to their regular English class, where they further hone their written communication skills. At the end of their senior year, students present a Capstone Project, their independent research on a question or problem of their choice.

The department values each student’s individual abilities and takes great pride in ensuring that he is placed at a level appropriate to his needs. Course assignments aim to encourage him to aspire to greater levels of achievement.

The following is a selection of works studied in grades 9-12, chosen as vehicles through which to teach the students how to read critically, write intelligently, and ultimately, appreciate literature deeply by making it relevant to their lives.