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TABC Leadership Kollel



The TABC Leadership Kollel is an exciting initiative at TABC that provides motivated bnai Torah with the opportunity to be part of a specialized limudei kodesh program. The TABC Leadership Kollel is a two-year commitment beginning in 9th grade, which aims to empower young leaders and train our students to become active and contributing members of talmud Torah in our local Jewish community and beyond. A select group of applicants will be chosen to participate in the TABC Leadership Kollel under the mentorship of our head of school, Rabbi Asher Yablok.


Participation in the TABC Leadership Kollel will include the following:

  • Daily Gemara Bekiut Seder (Tzurbah D’rabanan)
  • Daily Night Seder (Dedicated Chaburot)
  • Commitment to additional individual learning (ex. Mishna Yomi)
  • Weekly Machshava Chaburah
  • Participation in Rabbi Sobolofsky's exclusive weekly shiur
  • Monthly guest speakers which include distinguished poskim from RIETS and Roshei Yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael
  • Annual Shabbaton
  • TABC summer learning scholarship is awarded to select participants 



TABC is looking for self starters and interested students who are committed to growth in Torah inside and outside the classroom experience.  You may apply to the TABC Leadership Kollel through the admissions application.